PRE Tan Instructions:
All Waxing and sugaring must be done at least 24 hours prior to your airbrush spray tan.
Exfoliate and shave the day before your spray airbrush spray tan. Use a non-oil based scrub. We recommend the NW GLW Charcoal scrub to be used prior to your spray tan.

Do Not use any oils prior to your airbrush spray tan, if you use oils, we are unable to guarantee your tan. When oils are used, the solution will bead up on the skin and we can see it right away.

Do NOT use any DOVE soaps, scrubs, body wash or bar soap. Do not use any bar soap of any kind prior to your airbrush Spray tan. Using bar soap leaves a film on the skin which will then act as a barrier and the solution will not adhere to the skin.
Deodorant is not recommended to wear prior to your spray tan. Wipes will be provided should you have deodorant on. It isn’t the biggest issue if you do have deodorant on, it could turn green but would wash away after your first wash.
Tan lines are optional. Disposable panties are provided to you should you wish to wear them. Once sprayed, your tan lines can not be filled or blended should you change your mind. Men must wear boxers or briefs to tan. Should you choose to wear a bathing suit or bra’s and panties during your airbrush spray tan, you will get solution on it, it will wash off. In the instance that it does not, NW GLW is not responsible for any stain or damage to your apparel you wear during your session.

* Be mindful of what you will be wearing while you have your airbrush spray tan so all exposed parts are tanned.
You will be guided through a series of quick poses during your spray tan process. Once sprayed, you will be asked to check your tan and color for approval prior to the drying process. Your session takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

AFTER Care Instructions:
You will be sprayed with a bronzing solutions. Once sprayed, your color will darken during the processing time.
Allow 8-12 hours for your tan to process before showering. This allows the tan to develop.
Rinse with Luke warm water during your first shower. (Hot water will wash your tan off faster) You will see color rinse off. This is the cosmetic bronzer that you see rinsing.
Refrain from using any exfoliants, scrubs, loofas, washcloths on your fresh tan. They act as exfoliants and will prematurely remove your tan.
Pat dry after your shower/rinsing. Running will exfoliate your tan.
MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE. We can not stress this enough. The more you moisturize the longer your tan will last. NW GLW offers moisturizers and tan extender moisturizers for purchase.
Refrain from using spray sunscreens as well as sunscreens with oil in them as they will start to eat away at your tan. Sunscreens containing Zinc are the best sunscreens to protect your skin and your tan. *Your spray tan is not a Sunscreen and does not act as a barrier against the sun*
When moisturized efficiently, your tan should naturally and gradually wear off. Should you need additional help saying goodbye to your airbrush spray tan, NW GLW offers charcoal scrubs and soaps that will gently exfoliate your skin, remove your remainder spray tan and prep your skin for your next spray tan.

Mineral Oil
Dove Products
Bar Soap
Heavy fragrances / high in alcohol content can cause blotchiness if sprayed excessively.